Territory Sea Parcels Air Parcels
Price/lb Delivery Time Price/lb Delivery Time
the whole territory of Kazakhstan $2.89 $20.00 10 weeks $3.79 $25.00 7-28 days


Maximum weight of a parcel – 44 lbs
Minimum chargeable weight – 12 lbs

There is no duty if the total value of the goods sent to one address does not exceed $1000, and there is no more than one piece of each kind of good

Every package is insured with the company for $60.00. This insurance is provided for you free of charge. Any additional insurance will cost you 5% of the insured value.


** Meest-Karpaty, Inc. provides current prices on: weight, delivery, service and insurance. However, Meest-Karpaty, Inc., reserves the right to change these prices without notice depending on many factors but not specifically limited to: currency exchange rates, commodity prices, cargo rates and gasoline prices.