Parcels Delivery

  • We deliver parcels directly to the recipients in all regions of Ukraine, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Uzbekistan.
  • In some regions of Russia, parcels are being delivered to the nearest postal office.
  • Minimum chargeable weight of all parcels (except for express service) is 12lb. Maximum weight is 66 lb. If the package is of a large volume but of a small weight, the shipping cost is calculated based on a volume weight according to the worldwide accepted formula used in international shipments.
  • If the package is over 120 lb. it is considered a commercial cargo and the import duty must be paid in the country of destination.
  • All the parcels are being accompanied with the customs declaration.


  • Firearms and ammunition edged weapons and other specially designed for attack and defense items.
  • Gas lighters.
  • Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their analogues;
  • Articles of indecent and immoral content;
  • Articles of gold, silver and other precious metals;
  • Seeds and planting material;
  • Cigarettes and alcohol;
  • Any products in aerosols.

** Meest-Karpaty, Inc. provides current prices on: weight, delivery, service and insurance. However, Meest-Karpaty, Inc., reserves the right to change these prices without notice depending on many factors but not specifically limited to: currency exchange rates, commodity prices, cargo rates and gasoline prices.